Aromise 003F Scenting Machine

Specially designed to be connected to ventilation systems, the 003F is the most suitable solution with its very powerful engine and 5 liter giant essence reservoir to scent very large areas continuously or when active. It can be used in workplaces such as hospitals, hotel lobbies and conference halls, cinemas and even sports halls that are open 24/7. By connecting to central ventilation, even in multi-storey office buildings, it will ensure that the entire workplace is odorized.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 222 × 167 × 162 mm
Weight 3.65 kg
Material Metal and Acrylic
Color Black, White
Input Voltage 220V
Control Panel
Connect with HVAC
Essence Capacity 5000 ml
Consumption 0.80 - 8.00 ml/h
Coverage 5000 m³ - 2000 m²
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