Aromise 403-A Scenting Machine

403-A is a large area scenting machine with a tower type design that enriches the decoration of your workplace. With 20 different scenting programs that you can assign to the days and hours you want, you can smell more during peak hours, less during or when your workplace is calm or closed, or it can be closed completely. Not only with its high performance scenting performance, but also its being made of the highest quality materials and its distinguished design increase the exclusivity of the areas where it is placed. Thanks to its high essence capacity of 1 liter, it scents the environment for long hours.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 152 × 664 × 152 mm
Weight 7.20 kg
Material Metal
Color Black, White
Input Voltage 220V
Control Bluetooth
Connect with HVAC
Essence Capacity 1000 ml
Consumption 0.30 - 3.70 ml/h
Coverage 1800 m³ - 750 m²
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