Aromise Diotan Toilet Disinfectant

Aromise integrated toilet cleaner provides 24-hour protection for cleanliness and freshness in the toilet. Our product with five features

  1. Disinfects: Disinfectant Material Used: 6,5% w / w Alkyldimenthylammonium benzyl chloride (CB50). This substance destroys 99.999% in less than 5 minutes when the ambient temperature is 20 + -1C.
  2. Cleans: 3 powerful cleaning agents cleans quickly and effectively due to their concentrated form.
  3. Prevents calcification: Your toilet is clean, neutralizes lime-causing ingredients.
  4. Removes Bad Smells: It neutralizes the ingredients that cause bad odors.
  5. Perfume: Diotan drops smell the freshness of the sea in your odorless and bacteria-free toilet bowl.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions 46 × 156 × 58 mm
Weight 0.60 kg
Material Plastic
Color Black, White
Input Voltage Battery
Control Bluetooth
Connect with HVAC
Essence Capacity 350 ml
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